Wassermanns Fiebertraum


The alternative/post-rock band WASSERMANNS FIEBERTRAUM comes from Germany and Austria. Based in Regensburg and Vienna, the four musicians and the visual guy are mainly an instrumental act, but every now and then there are vocals between psychedelic soundscapes amd amazing visuals. What gets mixed are surreality, melancholy, sorrow, education, inebriation and fantasy.
“Nothing But Hope And Passion – music & culture magazine”

In 2012 WASSERMANNS FIEBERTRAUM released their debutalbum “BRANDUNG” which was mastered by Olman Viper, who also worked with bands like Turbostaat and Caliban. They played shows with bands such as Light Bearer, Kokomo, A Whisper in the Noise and Lantlôs, spreading their music in Germany and Austria.
In mid-december of 2013 the band released their second full-length album titled “TAUCHE DIE WELT IN FARBEN”, based on a concept story about a vivid, dreamy and curious little boy named Joschka who is fed up with monotonous daily life and likes to break with the habit. He leaves home to experience the wide unknown world and live his wanderlust. It was mixed in Los Angeles by Chris Common (Sargent House Studios), who also worked with Pelican, Mouth of the Architect and many more. In May 2014, WASSERMANNS FIEBERTRAUM joined Dornenreich and Heretoir on their tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

“This record [“Brandung”] gave me an intense shudder and an outburst of emotions, i’ve never heard such great feelings transfered on a record, but the best thing is that you’ll get the same experience at one of their stunning live shows.” (pULVERTURMpRODUCTIONS)



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